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Blog January 21, 2019

Pilgrimage Trekking in Sri Lanka – Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak)

Adam’s Peak also known as “Sri Pada” is one of the famous, holiest and highest peaks in Sri Lanka. This solitary mountain is 2,300 meters tall and has been one of the sacred places in Sri Lanka for many generations. Buddhist’s believe that it holds the footprint of Buddha himself, also Muslims and Hindus have

Blog October 18, 2018

Bucket List Adventures in Sri Lanka – Hot Air Balloon Ride

At the risk of sounding like another venturesome journey, Hot Air ballooning is a must experience adventure in the cultural triangle. Eager to experience a Magical trip in the air SoulTrek team got in touch with Sun Rise ballooning Pvt (Ltd) to arrange us a heavenly getaway in the sky. Sunrise ballooning is the premier

Blog October 14, 2018

Sight the Giants of the Mighty Blue Ocean

It was an exciting period for us, as the SoulTrek team prepped up to head on to an adventure to sight the gentle ocean giants on a Whale & Dolphin watching expedition. While the Mirissa harbor is the most popular Sri Lankan destination for Whale & Dolphin watching from November to April, the East takes

Blog September 26, 2018

Glimpse of Colombo

Gearing up on a bright sunny day to tour around the urban Colombo city was a bit of a challenging chore on a buzzy weekday morning. Yet stepping in to a funky, colorful open deck double decker bus made us feel that an exciting journey was about to begin. The SoulTrek team was excited to

Blog June 27, 2018

Top Things to do in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an Island that has much to offer being a year-round holiday destination. No matter whether you’re a culture lover or a beach lover Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations where one can do so many exciting activities in a very short tour. Wildlife safaris, nature, tea plantations, exploring historic cities

Blog June 20, 2018

Snorkeling and Diving Spots

This tropical island is an internationally-renowned hotspot for under water diving and snorkeling. There are many exceptional wrecks, dazzling coral reefs and an extremely rich marine life and flora. Sri Lanka is a land rich with bio diversity, therefore diving in Sri Lanka’s waters is a treat! These waters are known for their endemic species

Blog June 3, 2018

Things to do in Kandy

Kandy is known to be another historic city in Sri Lanka. Kandy was first established by the King Wickramabahu in the year 1357-1374 CE which was named as “Senkadagalapura” at the time. The last ruling empire of Kandy was the ‘Nayaks’ of Kandy while the Kingdom preserved its independence until it finally fell to the

Blog May 29, 2018

Things to do in Galle

One of the most visited and talked towns in this Island is Galle which is identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Galle city is the fourth largest city in Sri Lanka. The seaside town of Galle is 116 Km away from Colombo by road or rail, down the south coast of Sri Lanka. The

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