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We believe in expert planning with unbeatable value and take great pride in the originality and authenticity of our trips. Our well-travelled expert designers, have years of experience in handcrafting and perfecting thousands of experiential Sri Lankan holidays, and share an undying passion for creating meaning and responsible holidays for our clients which have the magical power of shifting perspectives of self, others and the world we live in.

It is our strong conviction that travel, when done right can enrich both, the lives of the traveller and the sustenance of the destination and its environment.


Because Responsibility Matters

It’s finally time to experience the magic of “travel-done-right”. We invite you to experience the authenticity and magic of Sri Lanka with insider access and specialist assistance, while you rest at peace knowing that your holiday supports conservation and helps uplifts communities.

Tourism, in addition to its positive economic impact, has a severe impact on the destination, it’s ecosystems, people and beasts. On our journey of exploration, it is our duty to be responsible in all that we do, while taking care to preserve and foster the future of the destination. We believe that as travel designers, in addition to assuring you a seamless and memorable holiday, it is our duty and responsibility to help you be your best self by sharing carefully crafted holidays which minimise the negative impacts of visitation and spread a wave of positivity as you explore this complex destination, rich in culture and biodiversity.

Let us help you recognise the many minute ways in which you can contribute positively to Sri Lanka and its people. Those who give so much to make your holiday unforgettable yet expect nothing in return.

We even give you the opportunity to engage in locally conceived and locally managed conservation and philanthropic efforts, matched to your personal interests, taking up little or as much time of your holiday. We assure you perspective shifting, and transformational Sri Lanka tailor-made holidays while guiding and helping you create the change you wish to see in the world, one step at a time.

Learn more about how you can help create a positive impact on the destination and its people who enrich every moment of your holiday while on this journey of discovery.

SoulTrek is the hottest entrepreneurial venture of the Leisure Travel & Aviation Group of Hemas Holdings PLC, one of the largest blue chip conglomerates in Sri Lanka, counting over 40 years of experience in the in-bound travel segment.

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