Hatton is one of the busiest cities in the hill country of the Central Province. It is the central point for most of the tea growing regions in upcountry, therefore, sighting the tea-leaf-plucking women would be sights any visitor would easily get to see as their colourful sarees contrast with the dark greenery of the tea trees. The waterfalls such as Devon Falls, Laxapana Falls and St. Clair’s falls adds on to the cool temperature of Hatton. As the majority of the Hatton community consists of Indian and Sri Lankan Tamils, there are quite a number of Kovils seen in the town. One of the main reasons for many visitors to come to Hatton is the famous Adam’s peak which is significant to different religions in different ways and is a climb any hike-lover would love to be challenged with. Discover more exciting things to do in Hatton, Sri Lanka during your visit here.

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