Kalpitiya consists of 14 islands being a favourite and must visit tourist attraction. Majority of locals being fisherman, Kalpitiya is the ideal destination to see a 360 view of life in coastal areas as it portrays a marine sanctuary with different types of habitats ranging from bar reefs, mangrove swamps to sand dune beaches with a variety of fish and crustaceans plenty available. These coastal waters invites dolphins, whales, sea turtles and sometimes if you’re lucky enough you will even come across the mysterious dugong dugong also known as the sea cow. Kalpitiya tourist attractions will not disappoint!

Many water-related activities such as whale and dolphin watching, kite surfing, snorkeling snorkelling are easily available throughout Kalpitiya, and the locals are more than happy to guide you to the best of the best affordable spots. The Alunkuda stretch is the most famous beach stretch to anyone who wants to exotically enjoy Kalpitiya for its naturally available amusement-park-like activities and luxuries.

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