Sri Lanka is still the magnet that draws the cognoscenti and the connoisseurs of gems, spices and porcelain on the Sri Lanka retains its claim to be the exotic emporium it was on the Silk Route with some adjustments to the modern world. Tea has replaced tusks.The wide array of items on offer range from exquisite blue sapphires to elegant handloom wraparounds of bewitching color combinations. Look around for that object d’art that will adorn your naughty nook if you have one!Costume Jeweler of Silver and other metals tell you that the craftsman have retained their eye for imaginative detail of their ancestors whose carvings enthralled you in the shrines you visited.


Your choice includes Sapphires that are blue, white and star Saphires, Chrysoberyl cat’s eye, Spinel, Tourmaline, Garnet, Topaz, Moonstones and Zircon. In these days of derivatives diving for cover a precious stone of Beauty, clarity and durability is an investment for life.

Handloom Products:

Wraprounds, sarongs, kurthas and a wide range of blouses and shirts in tasteful colour contrasts form the apparel choice. Table linen and upholstery materiel promise both quality and value not forgetting the fact that they are hand spun cotton.


You can look for the porcelain and pottery as well as furniture of the Dutch period. You can always settle for the reproductions of furniture at much lower prices. If you are type who can wait for the paperback instead of the hard cover the latter is a wise proposition.


All the aromatic spices first sought by Romans who found that the Arabs had beaten them by a length and half are now available in attractive gift packs that can convey a charming message to the recipient.


Tea is available in all the blends and flavours beginning with Earl Grey once sought as the stuff from the Jewel of the Empire in the salons of Victorian England. The trendy teas that go as Sri Lanka Exports have more exotic flavours. The Tea can be bought in ingenious and innovative containers made of soft wood, polished hard wood, metal, leather, cloth and even reeds. Obviously the tea is vacuum packed.

Other than Gems and Antiques and Objects d’art can be bought while you are on your Sri Lanka tour from the many shops that cater to visitors or from supermarkets. In case you miss or forget an item you can always get it at the Sri Lanka airport.

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