The capital of the Northern Province, Jaffna is an 8-hour drive away from Colombo, yet the long and picturesque drive is well worth it to explore this memorable city filled with history, natural beauty, lively culture and flavourful cuisine. With the end of a 30-year civil war, Jaffna now warmly welcomes tourists and has become a must-see Sri Lankan tourist attraction. Jaffna cuisine is quite different from other places in Sri Lanka as it has a lot of heat and spice in the tastes and mainly focuses on seafood. Jaffna, having a very simple and quiet nightlife, is ideal to have a night time scroll while enjoying the famous Rio Ice Cream that contrasts highly from spicy food. Places to visit in Jaffna are in plenty, take the opportunity to venture out with us.

Rainy season: Oct | Nov
Dry season: Feb | Jun | Jul
30 °C - 31 °C
Best time to visit
January to April
June to August


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