Famed as a natural point break, Arugumbay holds the title of the best surf spot in the country encouraging the rising surf culture in the island. This beach is anyone’s paradise let it be to surf the adventurous waves, walk along the sandy beaches with tiny seashells scattered all around, swim against the waves or even to just simply bathe in the glorious sun while enjoying an icy cold beverage. From the busy surfing areas of the beach, just a little further down will be empty almost private like beaches for a quiet time for your calm and solitude-loving senses. Witnessing the blue skies turn into a crimson red as the sun sets into the deep blue ocean, the soft sea breeze on your face and the faint smell of the seawater as it splashes unto the shore is anyone’s paradise. There are many things to do in Arugambay, so why not visit?

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