Trek through the Knuckles Mountain Range

November 26, 2019

Daring for another adventures holiday getaway? Trek through the remarkable Knuckles mountain range, Buckle up your shoes and let’s head on your most anticipated trip ever. To all adventure enthusiast Knuckles would be the best sophisticated experience of all time. Viewed from different angles the mountain range looks like the knuckles of a clenched fist is beyond a doubt the most appropriate name for these mountain peaks. Knuckles ranging in height 1900 meters and 900 meters is a UNESCO heritage site which is home to plethora of endemic wildlife, plants and range of vegetation types. December to February would be an ideal period to enjoy trekking at Knuckles as the possibility of rain is moderate.

Following through the footpaths of cardamom plants, houses of the tea plantation workers and farmers, hiking this enormous mountain range roofed with mystic clouds will give you the chills while climbing up the mountain. Central highlands is always famous for its irregular rainfall, with its unpredictable climate and irregular rainfall carrying a raincoat would definitely come in handy. Also carry some salt water as you might have to get rid of the leeches entangling your legs.

For any adventure enthusiast hiking in knuckles mountain range would seem like an easy task, however supervision of a guide will be required as it gets tougher climbing further up. Walking across the trails boarded by trees you will also come across waterfalls cascading down the rugged mountains in a glorious way and streams with icy cold water flowing by would want you to make a stop near one of the streams to revitalize yourself gulping down some fresh water. Knuckles range plays such a pivotal role in nurturing the rivers, lakes, jungles, fields and thereby the very existence of the people around the area.

Nevertheless, the fresh air around will give you a divine sensation that would make you want to stay back in the forest trail for couple of more days. You may also sight different types of dragonflies with multifaceted eyes flying back and forth mumbling around your ear. You may also find very rare collection of flora and fauna which are exclusively found only in this forest trail. Horn-nosed lizards are commonly found here, yet difficult to spot because they camouflage so well. Whilst trekking up you will sight lush paddy fields covered with greenery, deer’s, giant squirrels and mischievous monkeys trotting around. Homing to no less than 200 bird species, it’s indeed a priceless feeling to be surround by wild life and blend of nature.

After hours of trekking reaching closer to the peak it gets bit harder to climb up as the stretch is an upward climb through a tunnel of trees, and you might have to use your hands and keens to escalate up which reminds you of your kindergarten. It is a pretty risky climb however with the help of the guide you will reach the pinnacle of the mountain, which is called “Gombaniya” 1864 meters above the sea level. Once you reach the top of the foothill the moment you sight the enchanting misty view from up above is certainly instagramable. The sense of achievement reaching high up is definitely incredible.

So why not experience the excitement? Explore the beauty and absorb the thrills of this adrenaline pumping hike. Book your mountain trek with SoulTrek.

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