Clear blue skies, sandy long beaches, hot sun warming up just the ideal amount for the perfect tan, naturally surf-friendly waves clashing softly as the waves seems to hum with the wind harmonizing it is the ideal vacation to bring you the well needed peace of mind and body you need. Tangalle also holds just the right amount of entertainment mixed with a bit of historical sightings and enough wildlife to bring out the awe factor to this large town situated in Hambanthota District, a three-and-a-half-hour comfortable drive from Colombo. Tangalle, though a famous tourist destination is quite a calm and silently lazy town with beautiful villas and old buildings dating back to the 18th century, reminding the old Dutch days. The name Tangalle has originated from “ran gala” which means golden rock, as it was believed that long ago the long rocky slab protected the town from the rough waves of the sea. There are a host of things to do in Tangalle, so why not visit?

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