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Since the first day, it has been our strong belief that tourism, when done right, can be a strong force of good, creating the change we all wish to see in the world. It can be a mode of awareness and contribute to the preservation of culture, heritage, historic buildings, cities, wilderness areas, ocean beds through education and enhancement of value and understanding of travellers, by helping them travel responsibly.

Tourism is a two-way street and it is our duty to give back to those who give so much to us as freely as we explore their home country, while preserving and fostering the future of the destination for their children as well as ours. While the industry is recognized for having the ability to support and strengthen local people and economies, it is the sad truth that tourism spend does not trickle down to those who need it the most.

We at SoulTrek believe in taking this beyond the benefit of charity and philanthropy, by making this experience person-to-person, and real. We want you to feel the impact of your activity, in person, and encourage and provide opportunities for you to engage with people, spend time with them, learn about causes they are passionate about, and respectfully exchange ideas while engaging in responsible travel in Sri Lanka.

Few people actually go out of their way to be irresponsible, but sometimes we just need a few reminders about how to get things right while on the road. Responsible tourism is all about leaving a positive impact on not only the environment but also the people who live in the places we choose to visit.

Our passion lies in hearing your feedback on how this personalized and individually crafted SoulTrek made an impact in your lives by educating, uplifting and enriching your lives, while truly shifting perspectives. It is finally time to experience the Magic of Travel-Done-Right.

Join us on authentic, exciting, and culturally immersive SoulTrek and discover Sri Lanka in a new light!


Tourism can be immensely beneficial to the economy, but only when it’s provided and engaged in responsibly.

Carbon Emissions

Plan your trip to maximize the efficiency of your routing, minimizing the use of fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions. Try out the local transport, hop a train and cycle through the sites to reduce your carbon footprint while you discover the magic of the destination.

Be Aware

Be conscious of what you’re supporting. Avoid local shows / activities that exploit animals such as Zoos and Elephant Rides, while being conscious when visiting orphanages, etc by following our guidance in recognizing 100% genuine causes which do not exploit the vulnerable.

Pack Light

Carry as little as you can with you on your holiday. Did you know, the more the plane weighs, the higher the carbon emissions? In fact, buy something locally, and help support the local economy.

Be Environmentally Conscious

Bring environmentally friendly items with you. Reduce as much non-degradable disposables and be conscious of lotions, deodorants, scrubs that you carry as these can get in the water streams and cause unintended problems.

Support Conservation

Tell us what you hold closest to your heart and we will match your interests with a responsible cause which supports conservation and preservation. Choose from a variety of conservation projects we support and immerse yourself in an educational and enlightening experience.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Care for the environment just as you would of your own home. Refuse plastic and recycle wherever possible. Avoid using bottled water and carry your own re-fillable bottle. Putting things into perspective, the manufacturing of 1 bottle of water uses 3 times the amount of water that is used to fill it.


Use water sparingly and turn off the A/C and lights everytime you leave the room. Consider leaving the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door so that the housekeeping staff won’t clean your room every day, which will save the environment from the harsh chemical cleaning supplies and the electricity of vacuuming and washing bed linen.

Responsible Gifting

Check with us if there’s anything you can bring along to support a deserving child’s sporting dream / educational needs. Even your throw away gear from last season might support a whole team / school for the next so many years. Better yet, see what you might be able to buy locally to empower the micro businesses as well.

Go Local | Stay Local | Buy Local

Hire local guides, support locally owned Hotels, Restaurants, and other services whenever you can. Eat local food and try the local brews. These are the businesses that benefit the most from your hard earned money. Meet the local people and respectfully share ideas as you get to know the destination and it’s cultures a little better.

Dress Appropriately

Dress respectfully and be mindful of the sites you are visiting while paying attention to the cultural norms and appropriateness. Temples and places of worship will call for sober coloured, modest clothing, covering knees and shoulders. Throw in a scarf or shawl to keep handy for an impromptu visit you may be tempted to make.

Take only Memories

Needless to say, yet cannot go unsaid, the flora and fauna of a destination are priceless and support an intricately balanced eco system which is heavily interdependent. Do not pluck wildflowers, and coral, while you leave the rock and seashells where found.

Leave only Footprints

Consider taking a bag to pick up trash along your journey. Not only is it a great way to help keep the outdoors beautiful, but it also protects wildlife that might eat or get tangled in the garbage

Shop Local

Shop Local at every possible opportunity to support the local economy. However, avoid buying products made using endangered species, hard wood, or ancient artifacts. Sea shells and coral too belong where they are. Consider the legality and ethical practices when choosing to buy gems and jewelry.

Help from Home

Write to us about your holiday and share with us any ideas and suggestion on how we can reduce environmental impacts and benefit local communities. Spread the word to other travelers about local issues, organisations, and causes, keeping the cycle of responsible tourism going.
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