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October 8, 2019

Sri Lanka, an absolute blessed nation rich in culture and diversity is one of Asia’s richest treasure troves of both man-made and natural wonders. Owning heritage sites in a country is undoubtedly a pride to its nation. UNESCO sites are selected considering the historical value and anthropological importance in the particular heritage site. Sri Lanka dubbed as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” homes to six historical sites and two natural wonders. For those who are planning your next trip? Yes! Sri Lanka is certainly your next holiday getaway.

1.How do I arrange Visa to enter Sri Lanka?

Apply your visa weeks in advance which is applicable for 30 days only. Be cautious when filling the form as you wouldn’t want to go through any hassel at the airport. You can apply for visa through lk.


2.What is the Currency in Sri Lanka?

The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lanka rupee (LKR). You can log in to to check on the on-going rate. There are plenty of ATM’s and money exchanging machines around Colombo, in the streets closer to the hotels and in the airport.


3.How to get around?

Most part of the country can be travelled using road transport. (Private and Public)
Cabs – Uber, Pickme, and Kangaroo are some of the frequently used cab services which are mainly available within city limits.

Buses – Public and private buses are available at any time around the country.

Three wheeler / Tuk Tuk –The easiest and the cheapest way to travel short distances around the country. Motorised three-wheels and Tuk Tuk’s are available and you will be charged depending on the number of meters travelled which is tracked by a meter set up in the Tuk.  You may also simply download Uber or the Pickme apps which are much more convenient and reliable.

Trains – The most convenient way to travel long distances out of the city limits which can be reserved weeks prior to travelling. Log in to check the time schedules

Helicopters & Sea planes – If you are interested in seeing the islands beauty by air. You may also get in touch with Senok Aviation, Cinnamon Air, and Helitours, to book your seat in our scenic flights available.


4.Language, Religion & Holidays

Sinhala and Tamil are the national languages in the country. English is widely spoken and understood in most parts of the country except for remote areas. Sri Lanka has the most number of public holidays than any other country in the world. Poya days being the most common holiday, which occurs on every full moon. Alcohol and fresh meat are not sold on poya days, and it is forbidden to serve them in hotels and restaurants on such days


5.Pack up essentials

Day to day: Sunblock, mosquito repellent, clothes that will protect your skin in the hot weather.

Beach: Bikinis and swimwear’s are acceptable, seek for the locals advice for the safest areas to swim.

Sightseeing: Long and lightweight clothing are recommend due to the heat and humidity. Modest dressing when visiting religious places is a must preferably clothes below the knee, and shoulders covered.

Carry as little as you can with you on your holiday. Did you know, the more the plane weighs, the higher the carbon emissions? Learn more.


6.Photography & Drones
Asking permission before taking photographs is a must. Especially photographs of monks, priests, statues and religious places.


7.Culinary Adventure
Rice and curry is the Sri Lankan Staple food which includes a wide range of spicy curries. Most of them might find it too spicy and hot, however it is undoubtedly a must try culinary adventure. Check our Sri Lankan culinary tour packages.

Receive expert advice from any of our professional travel designers if you are interested in travelling to Sri Lanka. Contact us today.

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