Hilly climbs, cool weather and some of the island’s most scenic views.

Beautiful mountains, picturesque views, chilly weather, gentle breezes and an atmosphere of pure relaxation and serenity all beneath a clear blue sky simply describes the small cosy town of Ella. Whether you yearn for the peacefulness of tea plantations spread across valleys and speckled with tea pluckers gathering fragrant buds or whether your heart calls for the thrill and adrenaline rush of trekking and long walks in the wilderness places to visit, in Ella is where you will seek a new adventure in every bend.This fairy tale town nestled among the mountains is more touristy than you would expect from a quaint village – don’t be surprised to find everything from traditional pol roti being roasted on open fires to mopeds more famously known as “Scooty’s” that can be hired to enjoy a fun windy ride through the bends of Ella. Seek escapades wherever you roam from breath-taking waterfalls to miles and miles of backwoods. Ella gives you the kind of holiday you’ll relive forever.

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