5 Sri Lankan Beaches Not To Miss

May 17, 2018

Expectations are many when one is visiting an island surrounded by sea. One of the most common things tourists can expect when they are travelling to Sri Lanka is the spectacular beaches found all around the island. Picking the best beach could be quite a challenge as each destination will be unique in its own way. However, below are five of the famous Sri Lankan beaches not to be missed by any tourist.


The turquoise water, breath-taking sunsets and the beautiful beaches in Unawatuna are not to be missed if you are visiting Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is situated in the southern part of the island and is approximately one hour away from Colombo. It is the perfect location to spend a few days to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. The best weather can be experienced during November to April with calmer waves that are ideal for sea-bathing and water sports.


Arugam Bay

Located in the east coast of the island, Arugam Bay is one of the well-known locations to engage in water sports such as surfing and diving. Visitors are also able to relax in golden sandy beaches and enjoy the sun while wildlife enthusiasts have the ability to get a glimpse of wild animals and also engage in bird watching at Kumana National Park. The best season to visit Arugam Bay is from April to October, as this is also the surfing season. The sea and its waves are ideal for water sports during this time.



If you are a traveller looking for an idyllic tropical beach, Mirissa is a paradise that you need to visit. A three hour journey is all it takes to reach the unquestionable beauties in Mirissa. It is one of the safest beaches on the island and is also a hot spot for snorkelling and surfing. Even though it is a destination you can visit all year round, November to April is the best time to experience calmer seas, perfect weather and even to go whale watching.



Situated about two hours away from Colombo, Hikkaduwa is a place with a wide, soft sandy beach that is lined up with plenty of beach-front hotels. It is a popular spot to snorkel, surf, dive and even swim with giant turtles. Nature lovers who visit Hikkaduwa can pay a visit to the turtle hatchery and coral sanctuary. The peak season to visit, where the sea and weather is ideal is from November to March. With plenty of things to do, Hikkaduwa is one of the best beaches to visit in Sri Lanka.



The white sandy coastline and the enthralling water in Passikudah is very inviting and hard to resist. Being renowned for its incredible beaches makes it one of the places that you must enjoy when visiting Sri Lanka. With calmer seas, May to October allows visitors to experience Passikudah at its best. The riveting waves and indigo water will make you want to jump in, dive and snorkel around this magnificent sea. Although it takes about five hours to reach Passikudah from Colombo, the azure water and mesmerizing beaches are worth the journey.

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