A strip of Golden Beaches and calm and quiet seas, make a perfect base for your much needed “fun in the sun” beach extension. With a line of resorts to choose from, in addition to some stunning beach villas and boutique resorts, there’s little opportunity to be bored during a long holiday here.


The Madu River, meeting the sea in Bentota, offers a wide spectrum of activities including Jet Skiing and Wind Sailing as well as family activities such as Banana Boating and Tubing. Should you be craving an experience of beauty and solitude, venture off and lose yourself in the midst of the sprawling Bawa Country Estate at Lunuganga and the eclectic Brief Garden by Bewis Bawa.

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Discover Sri Lanka, the exotic land of fantastic experiences. Our popular tour packages take you on an exciting journey around multiple destinations from beaches and temples all the way up to the hills.

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