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Learning about a country’s history and culture always open up new doors for innovations. It may not be everyone’s cuppa of tea, but once you stumble upon a great masterpiece, you are aroused to learn more. 5 Day Cultural Highlights take you on a journey to explore Sri Lanka’s, culture and heritage through the ancient kingdoms of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya and Dambulla. Tours of Sri Lanka cultural triangle are sure to leave you inspired and wanting more.

SoulCare: Bring Books your children grew out of – Contribute for a school Library & Share Your Knowledge


DAY 1 Airport | Anuradhapura

Welcome to Sri Lanka!

Upon arrival be met by your chauffeur guide and head off to your first stop in Anuradhapura.

This sacred city, being one of South Asia’s most powerfully evocative cities, is favored not only being a holy attraction but also for its highly complex irrigation systems which marvels today’s scientists for as to the technology and talent used in the ancient world.

DAY 2 Anuradhapura | Mihintale | Sigiriya

Explore the ancient Kingdom of Anuradhapura. Now as it remains mainly as ruins, its serenity and tranquility which seems to still echo the prayers and hopes of numerous worshippers and believers’ has left their handprints upon this city. Highlights of your visits will be Isurumuniya, The Sacred Bodhi Tree and Ruwanweliseya.

Pay a visit to Mihintale Temple, the site marks the Introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Once you reach the summit of the Rock witness a panoramic view of the plains below.

Continue journey to Sigiriya, located in The Cultural Triangle.

DAY 3 Sigiriya

Today you will catch the sunrise while on air…. Yes hop in for a Hot Air Ballooning experience. It is peaceful, fun, exciting and amazing.

Float gently with the breeze 1,000 – 2,000 feet above taking off from Kandalama in the Cultural Triangle as you enjoy the experience of the oldest form of flight. Become one with the wind. See the daybreak beneath you as it comes alive.

In the afternoon set off to climb Sigiriya Rock Fortress. The Majestic Rock Fortress of King Kashyapa, stands tall against the flat countryside of the Cultural Triangle. This rocky outcrop stands visible for hundreds of miles and calling out to you, rousing the inner explorer concealed within. Give in to the temptation and explore this ancient citadel, home to one the most interesting characters in Sri Lankan history. You’re sure to be amazed by the beauty of the Frescoes of the King’s Cloud Maidens, and the astonishing 6th Century Engineering Marvels of this impregnable fortress.

Tip: Climbing the rock in the afternoon is ideal as the site would not be too crowded with its visitors and sunsets over the fortress brings you the opportunity to click some picture perfect photographs of this Magnificent Rock.

DAY 4 Sigiriya | Polonnaruwa

This morning you will be heading to climb Pidurangala Rock, another hidden gem in the Cultural Triangle not visited by many visitors. The climb is a bit challenging, however its worth for the breathtaking view it offers at the summit. Reach in time to catch the sunrise.

In the afternoon visit Polonnaruwa, a well-planned ancient Kingdom in the dry lands. The Royal palace of king Parakramabahu I, is one of the main attraction points and it consists of the council chamber of the king, the royal bath known as the Kumara Pokuna which is all part of the Royal Pleasure Garden of the king, still amazes people how our ancestors built this in order for the water to always be cool even in the hottest day. Other creations such as the Siva Shrine; a Hindu temple, the Thuparama, the Vatadage, Nissanka Lata Mandapaya which is an altar for the worshippers, the Satmahal Prasadaya, which is a structure with seven tiers, Hatadage which is known as the shrine for sixty relics, The Stone book in which is engraved the deeds of King Nissankamalla, and so many more creations of the ancient world filling the city with the culturally, politically and religiously rich history.

DAY 5 Sigiriya | Airport

Hope you enjoyed your holiday in our paradise island and returning home with many memories and adventurous stories to share with family and friends.

Transfer to airport to catch your connecting flight.

Optional: If you have some time to spare before you head off, en-route make a stop at the Dambulla Cave Temple.

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