This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect combination of gentle mist and bustling streets. The perfect blend of Old and New will take you by surprise as you stroll through the streets, which almost seem as though frozen in the past.

The highlight and most iconic experience here is a visit to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, the Sri Dalada Maligawa, which holds a tooth relic of the Ven. Lord Buddha, dating back to 400BCE. This has been a significant political symbol of Sri Lanka over the years based on the belief that whoever holds the relic, holds the governance of the country, and is still venerated by thousands of devotees.

A longer stay in Kandy provides an excellent opportunity to explore the surrounding tea hills, mountain ranges and hiking trails. Relax and unwind while you listen to the soft stillness where the loudest noise is of the howling wind and the cheery bird song. Experience a range of diverse accommodation in this city, ranging from ancestral homes, colonial hotels and modern homes overlooking the stunning vistas of mountain landscapes and flowing rivers.

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