Water Gardens Sigiriya

Welcome to Water Garden Sigiriya where luxury meets nature surrounded by lakes & water streams. The breathtakingly beautiful Sigiriya hotel boasts a modern day water harvesting design revisiting the 2,000 year old water garden on Sigiriya Rock.

Water Garden Sigiriya has ushered in a new chapter of dynamic and novel experiences in unsurpassed luxury. It is a unique boutique hotel in Sigiriya Sri Lanka that gives convenient access to the Cultural Triangle. The guests can soak up legendary beauty with fascinating landscapes and scenery. Natural seclusion and modern comforts offer an unparalleled authentic private haven at an enchanting getaway with remarkable experiences. The hotel which features a totally unique concept is owned by Union Resorts & Spa Ltd who also owns Blue Water Wadduwa. The 33 acre architect designed property offering 30 chic villas is spread out with beautifully designed waterways, water streams and lush green meadows blending naturally with the historic surroundings of Sigiriya.

5 Star


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